Aviation Snips

Aviation style steel metal snip for straight, left and right cutting applications..

Aluminum Combo Snips

Ideal for making cuts in tight material such
as J-channel, has larger handle loops, full 3 1/4" cutting, length, L or R circles to 6 " diameter and straight cuts.

Aluminum Combo Snips
Turbo Shear Heavy Duty

Inserts into chuck of 14.4 volt or larger a/c or cordless drill, navigates tight patterns and square cuts, can reposition upside down for greater maneuverability. (Drill not included.)

Hex Chuck Nut Driver

Cover the intersection of the roof and sidewall
and directs rain water run-off to drip away
from the fascia.

Touch Up Paint

Fast drying metal touch up
pain in 12 oz. aerosol can.
Call for available colors

Inner/Outer Closures
Douglas Rib

No Picture Available
Inner/ Outer Closures
R Panel

No Picture Available
Gutter & Accessories
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