Pipe Flashing

Specifically designed to be used for flashing of round penetrations. They will fit various penetrations and can be cut to the correct pipe diameter before installation.

Master Flash Retrofit
Pipe Flashing

Specifically designed to be used for flashing of round penetrations.  Retrofit flashing is available for piping with welded caps or cross bars.

Metal to Wood Fasteners

Woodgrip screws are metal to wood fastener designed to self-drill metal panels and tap into the wood beneath.

Metal to Wood Fasteners

Self-tapping fastener designed for attaching both metal to wood and metal to metal; pre-drilled hole not required: zinc alloy capped head that will never red rust.

Metal to Metal Fasteners

Self Driller; fastest drilling time performance through high strength steel; light, medium & heavy gauge applications; zinc plated & coated with silver sentri.


Styrofoam is used as an insulated sheathing material which decreases the energy requirements to heat or cool dwellings..

Standing Seam
Roofing Clips

Concealed clip that makes for an attractive system and moveable which allows the panels to expand and contract with the temperature changes.

Butyl Tape

Butyl tape is a sealant tape that provides great cohesive strength and durability in all of your metal building and roofing applications.

Profile Vent

Ridge vent that fits under any ridge cap; won't scratch panel finish; prevents insect infiltration; provides roof ventilation and meets all building codes.

Closures D-Rib Panel Closures

R-Panel Closures

Lumber 1"x4"x12' & 2"x4"x12' Panels
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